Added 25.02.2021

In our offer you can find concrete waterproof basements of the following external sizes (length, width, height):

  1. K-2 344/274/240 cm
  2. W-3 444/274/240 cm
  3. W-4 448/348/243 cm
  4. K-5 548/348/243 cm
  5. K-6 648/348/243 cm
  6. K–7 748/348/243 cm

Each of them is characterized by modern production technology and ensures easy and quick assembly even in 1 day. Thanks to the high weight of 15-33 tons, the basement can be mounted directly into the ground without the need of additional weighting and without fear of pushing it out. The basement can be installed before the construction of the house under its lump as well as after it in the garden as a dugout.

The cellar is perfect as:

  • wine storage cellar,
  • long term food storage pantry,
  • home shelter / bunker,
  • basement under the house,
  • external technical and utility room
  • ventilated gyms
  • mini cinema halls
  • mini pools

In addition, the most important advantage of a prefabricated cellar is its significantly lower price compared to the costs of traditional methods of their construction.