Added 24.02.2021

The Gizo company is a well-known and respected Polish family company that has been operating on the market for over 30 years. Currently, the company’s offer has been extended to include watertight cellars. Building a traditional basement is a high cost and a big problem. It often happens that after building a traditional basement, it becomes wet, and in extreme cases even flooded. Thanks to our product, you get the basement at a much lower cost, what’s more, you do not have to worry about water collecting in the cellar. Thanks to our innovative technology and the composition of the concrete used in the production, you no longer have to worry about the difficulties associated with its construction. Gizo cellars are dug directly into the ground and there is no need to prepare the foundations in advance. Due to the high weight of 15-33 tons, the basement does not require any additional load, and thanks to 4 handles for transport by a crane make it easy to place it properly. The assembly of the Gizo basement takes only 1 day. Thanks to the monolithic concrete structure, the Gizo cellars are 100% watertight and there is no need to use measures to prevent water seepage. Our cellars are ideal for installation in wetlands and floodplains. Gizo’s basements have 100% fire protection, thanks to which they meet the highest safety standards. A tight cover with a gasket allows the basement to be installed under buildings and foundation slabs